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Ala Gertner




Wworking as secretary in community. Bernhard working. Says everything is fine with Sala's parents. Asks after campmates. Promises to send her shoes.

Full Translation

My beloved child, Sarenko, I was already very worried about you and then I heard that you have been transferred to another camp. I wish you all the best. If you have a chance, tell me what kind of work you're doing, how you feel, etc.. I'm working as a secretary in the community and am very busy. I received a card from Bernhard yesterday. He is still as competent as ever and is working a lot now. I can already picture the irony in Welf's face, right! "Ziflik" has been released. I haven't seen anything of Hokilo lately. Little Sala, I'll send you some clothes. Don't worry about your parents, everything is fine. Do you have everything you need at work? Are you still working as a seamstress? I'll write to Adai (?) and will send him some parcels. How are Welf, Ofman, Zylberstein doing? And my ladies? Sala, you'll also get shoes from me, just tell me how long you will stay there. I kiss you, yours, Ala Happy New Year.

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