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Ala Gertner




Daydreams about living alone with Sala. Just imagine the two of us on our own. Has photo of Sala.

Full Translation

Little, beautiful Sarenko, Please excuse me for not writing to you in such a long time. I am so busy and have so much work. If only you knew how tired I was when I got home. Now I live on my own, my dear mom is in Sosnowitz. I don't know how many times I've been saying, "Oh dear, if only Sala were here; oh my, I miss Sarenka very much," - particularly now that I live on my own. Just imagine, the two of us on our own! Sarenko! You won't recognize the room: newly painted, the furniture rearranged, clean, pleasantly warm- only, I'm all alone. I brought the "Patefon" [grammophone?] over here last Tuesday, so I brought back my music world. Our photos, the new ones with you and me and the one with Bernhard are all over the place, even though I look so ugly in them. Everybody admires how beautiful you are. I look like a witch, really, no kidding! Your cream sits in the drawer, I didn't have a second to take care of it, but truly next week "pod chorjem". Are you angry? Your sister came to see me in Sosnowitz on Monday. She was on the ... We talked for a long time. I thought you might be offended since the vacation, but she reassured me that this was not the case. To the contrary, you were supposedly to have said that you could not live without Ala. I am very happy, little, beautiful girl! I also like you very, very much. Do you know that? I love you and shall never forget you. Our time together in the camp - your kindness to me, all that you did for me - I have not forgotten, Sarenko. For the time being, however, things have to be as they are, but you will convince yourself that I am neither bad nor ungrateful ... Now, I kiss you, beautiful Sarenko, write soon - Yours, Alinka. Give regards to all the women and "M' ... Sarenko, patience! It's good that you have a job! Send me a certificate right away that you have been working there for a year.

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