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Ala Gertner




Working in office and in mother's business. Brother in law committed suicide. Have gained weight. Luise Merin got married, sends message to Branka

Full Translation

My dear child, Sarenko, Please excuse that I write so rarely, but it's the end of the year and it's impossible for me to dedicate more time to my private life. Work in the office has become a routine but here, too, one must be "on top of things", Ackerman's motto has become second nature to me. .. After I work, I still have to help out in my mother's business, which has been completely ruined after the recent incidents. My sister from Cracow and her child aren't here any longer, unfortunately, her husband committed suicide. Ask Branka Erlich, she will tell you about Anke. Bernhard is said to have found work as the secretary at the orderlies. There, he will have a chance to go and see your parents. Sometimes, I see Hokilo - that's all of the friends from Geppersdorf. The weather here is like summer, it's warm, the sun is shining, only it's often foggy, but all things told, pleasant weather. Even though we don't go for walks, but it's more pleasant in the streets when it's light and warm. You won't recognize me now: I have put on weight, have become more firm and fuller around the face. I'm looking good now, many changes. Now I'm in the office, a little break. My colleagues sit beside me, chatting. I'm not greatly interested. You know that I live in a world of my own thoughts, where my plans and dreams float about. Yesterday was Henryk Neuman's wedding with Luise Merin - do you still remember the camp inmate/warehouse attendant? How are you, my little Sara? Are you well? What do you look like? Are you still so beautiful...? I'll never forget how good and loyal you have been - how tactful -. Write me, who of my acquaintances it is there, Lunia K. maybe? I'll give Miss Nuberger's regards to B. later. I'll tell you about Harry the next time. The parcel, Sarenko, [I'll only send] after the holidays. Stay well and whole, I kiss and embrace you, Yours, Ala. Dear Branka, Your lines reminded me for a second of our former life. Kattowitz [Katowice], work - carefree, good, beautiful... Hopefully, everything will come back again. How are you doing? Are you well? I'll definitely send you cigarettes. I'm asking you to take of little Sara a bit, please. She's a fine girl, but she still has to [rest cut off]

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