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Letter #


Eva, Freidl,




Postwar. Weddings being planned all over. Such frivolous concerns at this point.

Full Translation

My dear Sala, Your two letters finally arrived in Bamberg. The first, the boys brought and the second came by mail. I'm very happy about them. What's new with Sis? How long will he stay in Ansbach for and when will you get married? I don't want to write much, after all, I'll come to you on the 6th and then I won't have anything to tell you, right? I'll bring my Heschek, but only on the condition that you won't spoil the boy, as you already tried by letter, apropos a cold shower. You know what Sala, I'm really scared to come to Ansbach because Sis will probably not let me in, because of then. But I'll take a chance, I'll grit my teeth and just come. Say for yourself, am I not a loyal friend? You won't find someone like me this year again. My wedding will be on March 17, I hope you'll still be here. There's another wedding again on the 5th in Regensburg, to which I've been invited. The sister of the young man, who stayed with me back then, will get married. I had a lot of fun at the last wedding, it was very nice. The pictures aren't done yet, the man hasn't come yet. How are you doing otherwise, are you well again already? What does Mila do? Be well until the next time. Warm regards and kisses, yours, Eva. Many regards to Sid, Mila, Michael and Sala and Ahren and from Heschek, too.

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