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Ala Gertner




Today is Friday, a lovely day. I remember the camp. Your brother in the sosnowiec shop will have to help you. Local patriotism.

Full Translation

Dearest Sarenko, Today is Friday, a lovely day, I sitting here in the office, remembering the days when we were together in the camp. On March 6, around this time, we had a little misunderstanding, until I convinced you that you were wrong in being miffed. Then you helped me a great deal with the birthday arrangements and, at night, two new women arrived. What do you look like? What are you doing? Do you have work? Are you living together with all the other women? Is it clean there’? What does Miss Kophahn do, is she in the kitchen? And where does Holtz work? Hokilo came to see me and Berger. You see, little Sala, your brother in the Sosnowitz shop will have to help you about your coming home Here in Bendsburg it is impossible to help people from different districts. Local patriotism. Do write a lot and, most of all kind regards and kisses - Your Ala

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