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Letter #


Ala Gertner




I haven't written, had no time and in a bad mood. Where is Bernhard?

Full Translation

My sweet Sarenko. I heard that some people from your camp left. Can you tell me where they went to? Maybe you’re surprised about my silence. But believe me, there was no time, I was in a bad mood and had no patience. My responsibilities are enormous. But I’m always thinking of my little Sarenko and I’m trying very hard [to get you out] but my efforts are in vain. I am helpless. One has to live hoping that things will be better and that you will come home to your Mom and Dad and to your Ala. Isn’t it important to you that I think of all of you? For example, I’m working on behalf of Rose and Elfriede. But it will take time because everybody is busy now with the “Aktion Arbeitseinsatz” [Project Work Deployment]. Patience, quiet, don’t lose hope. Where is Bernhard? I’m writing to him too. Many kisses, yours. Ala

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