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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz, Liba, Lela




Authored by Raziel and Sala's friends, this letter discusses some general issues in their lives, and reiterates their wish to see Sala. Raizel in particular mentions how just seeing Ala makes her nostalgic for her shared moments with Sala.

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, We haven't communicated in quite a while now, have we? How can one wait so long? Well, we need to talk about that further. Meanwhile, what's new with you? How are you? I don't know why, but I would like to know exactly (also on behalf of my dear parents) how you're doing and besides, we should exchange [our ideas] again. I can hardly recount anything that is happening here; for while I'm writing to you at this moment and tell you about an event, I have the impression, I am talking to you in person; but, unfortunately, I am only imagining, while the reality is far removed. We feel very reassured that you received mail from us. It makes us happy and we keep talking about you. I assume that you experience the same thing. Oh Sala, how much we would like to speak with you in person! We get very nostalgic when we see Ala. She came to see us yesterday. How pleasant it is to have her around, she is so dear. She only stayed shortly, I didn't even see her myself, and that made me upset. My dear mother showed her your card, but she left soon, saying that next time, she'll have more time and stay longer. Now we're waiting for her (?) She also said that .. she will achieve something in her job and she's working very hard. Unfortunately, I can't give you any details because we haven't talked with her for long. But you should know that she can't live without Sala and she liked the cards we received from your shop. Sala will get work, just imagine. We are all happy for her because she has been registered for such a long time. In two weeks from now, Blima will also go to work in the store, Staryn (?) and Luryk will also go there. May it only come to pass, we hope so. But enough of that. I want you to know what else is going on here. You will certainly be glad to know that we are all, thank God, well. Our dear father has work, only Blima doesn't at the moment. Maybe in two weeks. Dawid also works in the shop and L.D. and the children are well, don't worry. Right now, father sits at the table and our dear mother (?) gives him something to eat. He and mother eat some bread and soon I will do the same. What do you do now at receiving this letter? Did you also get the letter while eating? I am really very hungry, but I want to finish the letter, then I can eat in peace.. I have been working up an appetite while writing and I find it difficult to concentrate. I have to try real hard writing more. [But] try as I may, I can't write anything in proper style now of how I have been doing. But you will forgive me, won't you? Oh yes, I have been wanting to ask you a number of times about Miss Tacha (?) aren't you seeing her any longer? ... Give her our regards one of these days. Another thing interests us: Why did you write Ala she shouldn't send you anything more? May we know what you received from her? Now, what else did I want to ask? I forget what I was to say, oh yes, tell Abram from Olkusch that his sister Rozka came to see us. She sends her regards and tells him to write, because they didn't receive any mail from him. Sala, be honest now and write if you need anything. If not something to eat, maybe something else and we will send it to you as soon as possible. That's about all I have to say. I would like to fill all of the paper and you should have much to read. You wanted us to write long, long letters; how much we would like to receive long letters from you also. In the meantime, don't work too hard (?), thousands of kisses and regards from all of us, particularly from our dear father, mother, Blima and me, L.D., husband and children. All of us want to see you. M.D. was here for a week, he sends his regards. Give regards to Mr. Holz, his parents are very worried, for they have hardly received any mail this week. Many regards from all friends. G. and L. Priepiorke send many regards. Good night. Please forgive me, but this very moment the night guard called out that they received mail from Jakub. He didn't send him a "Blachownia". He writes that he is well. Now it is 15 minutes to nine in the evening. Mrs. Ujard has come to see us and sends her regards, her husband too. Liba also just came in and wants to write something to you. Therefor, excuse me. [Rozia] Dear Sala, Since I am here, I don't just want to send you my regards, I want to ask you personally how you are doing and, believe me, I would much rather talk to you in person. I would very much like to write you more, but I can't write in German. Mrs. Ujard also laughs at how I write and I imagine how you will laugh at me. And I'll be happy that you should laugh at me and you should be merry. Stay well ... and I want you to laugh at me, I send you warm regards and thousands of kisses from me.[Liba] (I can't decipher Rosa's handwriting on right hand corner) ... you wrote the holidays, oh the holidays. What do you mean? (?) [How do you imagine this to be?](?) This minute, our dear father comes home from the service and goes to sleep. He sends you many regards and wishes you all the best. Liba doesn't leave me alone. I wanted to wash my hair, but she keeps pestering me that I should help her write something. Can I refuse? May she turn green(?), meanwhile we're laughing a lot. Ujards ... Dobranac [Good night] Lela

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