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Letter #


Blima Feldman




It conveys regards from Sala's cousins and provides Miriam Chaya's address in Wolbrom.

Full Translation

Esteemed Cousin Sala, We received your postcard and were very happy to hear that you are well. We are all well. We are very curious what your work is all about and how much they pay you for it. You have girl friends there whom you know, etc. There is nothing new to report from your sister Marjim Chaja. She lives in Wolbronn and her address is: K. Jochimowicz Goina 8. She asks you to write her more often and [ to tell her] if you received a letter from your parents. With warm regards, your cousin, Blima Feldman Warm regards also from your brother-in-law Kyja and all children. Also all the best from Jakob and Marjim, whose newborn? is very beautiful. Regards from Father and Mother. A good ... T.S.

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