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Letter #


Sala Rabinowicz




Weather bad, enjoyed vacation

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I received Szlama's card, thank you very much. I can't say much about the many questions raised in it. We are, thank God, well and father goes to work regularly. Our work is just as well. We hardly ever go out because the weather is so bad here. My friends visit with me every Saturday and we talk of you a lot and of the pleasant hours we spent together during your vacation. It was very short but pleasant. The only news is that my cousin from Bendzin got engaged. Gucia asks you to excuse her, she can't write in German. Chancia wrote you a letter, did you get it? We would be very happy to receive a letter from you. Regards to my dear brother. We all had a photo made; if it turns out well, I 'll send you a print. Regards and kisses, Sala [Rabinowicz]

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