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Letter #


Sala Rabinowicz




Sala Rabinowicz writes to thank Sala for helping her brother. The letter suggests several other issues, including that Moniek was sick, and possibly a Mrs. Stodowa as well. Toward the end she makes a cryptic comment, "I am convinced that you are a 100 percent right. But we are not guilty either." She does not dicuss the matter otherwise.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I received your postcard, for which I thank you. I had expected you would write more about yourself. I am sure you received the long letter I wrote you. I am very grateful that you are helping my brother. I went to your home and your mother is well, Moniek has already recovered also. There is nothing new with us. Many people went to visit with Mrs. Stodowa and Mila Goldberg is with her, too. Write a reply to my letter immediately. Regards, Sala. Dear Sala, I read your postcard and I am convinced that you are a 100 percent right. But we are not guilty, either. The Balach family have company visiting with them, so does the "Zielonk" family, but they were not home [when the guests arrived] and now they are very upset. Why doesn't the boy write me whether he received the parcel? We sent out a parcel today. Best regards and good wish and well.

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