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Mila Goldberg




In this cryptic fragment, Mila Goldberg appeals to Sala not to believe spurious rumours about him/her.

Full Translation

My dear Sala, ... believe me, you're wrong about me, which is why I'm writing to you.... As far as I'm concerned, I don't even defend myself because I don't know anything about all this. I think two loud words should be sufficient: I am innocent! ... I am the victim of an intrigue (?) You know why? Because I've stayed the way I am (?) I can't deal with such low lives. I don't care what you think of me, my dear, only don't let it bother you. That's how it is! If you believe [what they're saying], I'm worthless and if you don't believe them, what's the problem ? If you were to see me, you wouldn't recognize me, I look like dead. ... I don't want to apologize because silence is a blessing. As far as J. is concerned, the only truth is that he was my best friend who suffered much on my account. That's why I sent him away. I know now that he was your friend also. I ask you to answer me and tell me what you think. ... Your friend? I am home, as I used to be!!! And that's the only thing I'm guilty of!! I send my regards and kisses. Hila(?) Goldberg

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