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Roza Grünbaum




No mail, I am worried, are you angry with me?

Full Translation

Dear cousin Sala, I'm amazed by you ... What is this? I wrote you many times and you never replied. What's going on, dear Sala? Are you angry at me? I mean, I'm not expecting you to write a special letter. You always used to add a few lines [on somebody else's card]. I know Sala, there is nothing to write especially to me, but only if you could just drop some few lines, we would all be very happy and reassured. What are you doing? Are you well? What do you think of this winter? Here, a number of things happened. A tailor opened a workshop and I have work. ... is not like home but, I think, it's very important to have insurance today. Everybody is well. Regards and kisses and please write. My parents and Sala send their regards. Greetings from all of us to our dear child Abram. Give regards from me to Kaufman, Silberstajn and Szlama. Rosa.

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