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Letter #


Roza Grünbaum




Following what she describes as a depressing Seder, Roza Grünbaum discusses her family's hopes that Abram, her brother, might share a room with H.K., a friend of Blima's sister. The document includes a separate note for Abram.

Full Translation

Dear Cousin Sala, I am happy that the seder night is over at last, it was very sad for us. I don't think that it was any less sad for all of you as the moon was over the house and almost looked like the past year, but it disappeared and I believe we will see each other again.(???) The... here to our dear brother was very sad and we all cried so much, our tears could have filled a lake. But we have to keep hoping, maybe things will still be alright. Dear Sala, if it is possible that Rosa's brother should be in the room of a friend of Blima's sister, H.K., I, my mother and everybody would be truly happy. I wanted to .. but I didn't want to ask her because I believe that, if she comes, she will do everything she can to make us happy and Rosa's brother also. Please understand me correctly, dear Sala. Everything is okay with us, we received mail from your sister and parents and they are fine, too. Don't worry. I send you regards and kisses - Rosa, Mother, Father, Sala and Lejbek, my brother send their regards. Write to your parents, they'll send you a parcel. Always write to... Rosa Dear and esteemed brother, I want you to know that we're all well. The holidays are already over and you can't imagine how sad how sad our seder night was and we all cried. We miss you very much, dear Abram, but don't worry, things will not always be like this and we will be happy together again. We sent you a parcel, write us what you received and don't worry, everything is okay. I send you regards and kisses, your faithful sister, Rosa. Mother send regards and kisses, also Father, Sala, Lejbek. Be well. I'll write you a postcard.

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