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Letter #


Roza Grünbaum




Roza writes to apologize for missing Sala during her visit home. She thanks Sala for her kindness to Abram in the camp, and notes Sala's growing reputation among her camp mates as a knid and generous person.

Full Translation

My dear cousin Sala, I always end up complaining to you about my lot. You certainly heard what happened in our town and on account of this, I couldn't meet with you. That all impaired my health. I feel so distressed because it would have been an opportunity to talk with you and thank you for what you did for my dear brother Abram. Everyone who came here on vacation were praising you and they all said that I should go to you and thank you in person for your kindness. You know what happened. Now I will know what it means to have a terrible life. Sala, you can imagine that I envy your sister Blima, since I make no money and don't make a living. ... I will go to your sister Blima and, believe me, I'll do better there than at home. Dear Sala, I think you will understand and forgive me. I would have been so happy to see you, but what could I do? We will see better days than now. Maybe everything will turn out to be alright. Give my warmest regards to my dear brother. I send my regards and kisses. I feel very bad because we haven't been able to see each other. Rozia Grunbaum

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