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Roza Grünbaum




I cried softly over your postcard. We are young and the day will come when we are all happy together.

Full Translation

Dear cousin Sala. Today I received your [postcard] for which I thank you very much and I’m writing you an answer right away. ... of the many hours at work [here], Sala brought me your postcard to work. I cried softly over the postcard, looking at everything closely . . . everything will be okay with God’s help. I’m happy that you still have hope[?], God will not forsake you. Dear children, don’t worry. We are young and the day will come when we all will be happy together. We are just human and reading about such news, one can’t just take it easy. I hope that things will be alright with you, only I can’t get up [and do something], I’m just crying. Sala, our dear child hasn’t many warm clothes to wear... But I believe that he shouldn’t have to go through hard times [?] Don’t worry, Sala, God is everywhere. Let’s hope that good things will happen to us. Warmest regards and kisses. May you be well and our dear child, my dear brother Abram, also. I want you to know that we are all well. Today Sala starts working in the workshop. Don’t worry, dear child, you will be fine. My parents send their regards and kisses. Rozia Grinbaum

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