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Letter #


Hokilo Dattner




Thanks for letter. Ala said how hard she worked to get you home for vacation. I don't know why you don't write, I know after all that you can write.

Full Translation

Dear child, (are you offended?) I received your postcard and enjoyed reading it. I guess, they’re all talking a lot about me for not writing you, but, believe me Sala, if only I had a secure and permanent job, I’d be a little calmer and I’d write you. I want you to know that I’m working with my brother in Creladz, thank God. I go to work every morning at 6 and get back at 8. You can imagine how tired I am by then and there’s no need to be angry at me. My comrades shouldn’t be angry either because I don’t write to them. Don’t think I’m doing all that well. Every day, it’s something else ... I met Ala in Bendzin. You can imagine how happy we both were. She told me that it took her a lot of hard work to get you and Bob out for vacation at home. Today it’s not so easy any more. Your sister came to see me this week, because she didn’t get mail from you. I don’t know why you don’t write, I know after all, that you can write. Write me what’s new with you. How are you getting along with Chamek? Is he happy that I left “you”? Tell Anna and the Merse(?) sisters to give me their addresses, because I am...(?) There’s nothing new with me. I’m sending my regards to you and Chamek. Special greetings to Rena, Hela, Bronia, Fela, Ana, the Merse sisters, Kaplan, especially Mrs. Hordiner. Give regards to all my acquaintances. Rechnitz, Bernstein, Silberstein, Freifeld, Londner, Hochzeit. Grunbaum. Goidwasser, Modrykamien, Tischmann, Bradkiswin, Bolek. Sala, tell me about Bolek, did he make up what he told Seligmann? Hokilo

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