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Roza Grünbaum




Sala's friend Roza Günbaum beseeches Sala to act compassionately toward her brother Abram who is away from home for his first time. She comments her family is not doing so well. Roiza Lajbeie has been sent to another camp.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I already wrote you a number of times and you don't even send me regards. I know you can't write all that much because you write home [so much] but you could at least send me regards. Sala, one Mrs. Soya from the camp wrote to us that our Abram has trouble with you and that you have not been nice to my brother. How can you do this to him and not be a cousin...(??) Ala asked us how you are doing. Sala, understand it is the first time he is away from home and he is still a child, after all, and he has no friend and you are a girl. Sala, I can't imagine that you are nasty to Abram, it's simply not like you and I implore you to look after him. My mother ... What is new with you? With us things aren't so good. My mother worries and frets about my brother and about Laybeie. Sala, be well and I send you warm regards as well as my mother. My father asks you not to forget about Abram, because you, Sala, know how it is. I would also like you to give regards to my rav and my brother Abram. Has our Lajbeie been sent to another camp? ... Roiza [Grinbaum]

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