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Letter #


Roza Grünbaum




First one to Laurahuttee. Probably you know I'm alone in this world. I would like to go to be with my mother.

Full Translation

Dear cousin. I think that you must be together with my future brother-in-law, because he wrote that he was together with my cousin. I wrote you several times but never received a reply I wrote to Geppersdorf. Dear cousin, I have no patience to write. Probably you know that I’m alone in this world. You can imagine what my situation is like. I would like to be with my Leon, I wrote him many times, but he doesn’t answer. My dear, write me what I should do. I would like to go to a camp, not where the Jews go to, where I would my dear mother. What am I to do? Please write. Rozia Grinbaum]

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