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Letter #


Roza Grünbaum




Can't sleep until I write to you. We heard that it will be over soon. Worried about Abram. May it be for the best.

Full Translation

My dear cousin Sala, I don’t have an awful lot to write to you, only if I don’t write I’m feeling nervous and I can’t go to sleep, until I haven’t sent you some lines. Here, everything is as usual, one has to live, even though that’s hard enough. Nobody can imagine what is amiss here (???) They have been saying, however, that it will not last much longer and we will be liberated(?) that this situation will come to an end soon(??) May God give it’s true and we may rejoice soon. Well, the joy won’t be all that overwhelming here because my mother won’t be able to serve you, dear Sala, as she had hoped to, on account of your being so good to her dear son. I’m happy, dear Sala, that you and my dear brother have stayed in Geppersdorf. May it be for the best. What does my dear brother do? Is he worrying? If so, he shouldn’t. Yesterday, our dear parents wrote him a postcard. How are you, my dear? Are you well? Be well. Regards and kisses from me and all of us. Regards and kisses also to my dear brother from all of us. Please give regards to all friends. Rozia. Regards to Lewkonia. [Rozia Grünbaum]

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