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Roza Grünbaum




Writing from shop, heard you were sick. I don't believe that Leon will come home.

Full Translation

Dear cousin Sala, I'm writing to you from the shop at work during the lunch break. I was so dismayed to hear that you, dear cousin, were sick while not at home. I understand that quite well and I'm happy that you're feeling better already. May give God that it should be so. You dear, should be well and be able to go home and be together with my dear brother. All of us are crying and keep waiting impatiently. Dear Sala, I'm curious, what's new with you and him (?). When he was in Ilkenau, I much ... of him. With me, everything is as always. I work in the shop and then I'm working home until late at night. I'm glad that I have the ... In addition, I'm always anxious. We're always worrying about you and you two. In his last post card, my Leon wrote that he will come home, but I don't believe in that any longer, because he wrote that so many times before and it didn't happen. May God grant it to be true. I'm sending regards and kisses, I'll have to get back to work. Stay well. Rozia Grinbaum. Regards to Abram..., Rozia

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