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Roza Grünbaum




Noting that this letter is her first to Sala in a while, Roza writes that "life is a drag and we're hoping that the days will pass a little faster." She raises out of her depression long enough to ask Sala if Abram needs her to send him anythng. She is concerned that he is afraid to ask, and that he does not want to worry his family.

Full Translation

Dear cousin Sala, I haven't written you for a long time and I know what it means not to receive a postcard for such a long time. Only, please understand, dear Sala, that I had nothing to write about. Life is a drag and we're hoping that the days will pass a little faster. What... what for? It would all be fine, if only we would spend the best years of our life to living, this really isn't life. But don't worry, dear cousin. I hope we will have something to be glad about. How are you doing, dear Sala, are you well and are you still working? Dear cousin, please ask my dear brother whether he doesn't need pants or anything else. We're always asking him and he always says that he doesn't need anything. But I don't know if he tells the truth, maybe he just doesn't want to worry us and it's been a long time. Please write us about my question the next time you write us... In closing I send you many regards and kisses. Don't worry, dear Sala. My mother sends her regards, my father, Sala and Lejbek send kisses. Please give warmest regards to our dear child. Be well Rosa

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