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Roza Grünbaum




I already received my special ID. We work from 5p to 2A.

Full Translation

Dear Cousin Sala, I received a postcard from my dear brother Abram with the lines you added. I thank you very much. You can’t imagine how happy we were hearing that Abram doesn’t go away. We thank you, dear Sala, once again. All of us want to thank you and we will be happy together… It is so bad that sometimes I, myself, am losing hope, but it isn’t worth it worrying, one has to go on hoping. I’m wondering why Blima hasn’t written me at all [what happened to] Rozia, but that’s all over, thank God, and she’s back home. Dear Sala, I already received my special identification card and Sala, too. What’s new with you, dear Sala, and my dear brother? I work very hard. This week we’re working night shifts from five in the evening until two at night. I’m ending with many regards and kisses for you, dear Sala. My parents send their regards and kisses as well as Sala and Lejbek. I send warm regards and kisses to my dear brother and my parents also. Greetings to H.K., Zilberschtein, Leon Süssinger and Josek Blumenfeld. Don’t worry, dear Sala, and be well along with my dear brother. Rozia Grinbaum

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