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Hokilo Dattner




Found out from Raizel that Sala was still in Geppersdorf. I heard you got married, I might as well too.

Full Translation

Hi Sala, Please accept my apologies for not writing for such a long time, but I thought that all of you had gone somewhere else. But then, I met your dear sister and she told me that you are still in Geppersdorf. Let me know what's new with you and who of the girls is with you in the camp. I think you should have less work now that there are so few people left in the camp. Write me what you're doing and what is new with your dear Alamek. I heard that you got married in the camp, but I don't know whether this is true. If this is so I wish both of you mazel tov and now I can just go ahead and get married, too ... right?? There is nothing new with me. I have work and am well, go to work every day... and shall work until I am 55 years old and .. I am closing my letter now. Regards and kisses from Schak(?) A special greeting for Chaimek and Rosi and all acquaintances whom you are with, also special regards to all women, special greetings to Herzog and my boss G. Eisner(?); I received Miss Sroka's letter from Bendsburg. Hokiel

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