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Letter #


Sala Rabinowicz




Same day as LD letter telling Sala that parents and sisters were taken.

Full Translation

Dear S ala, After a long silence, I’m writing you a little postcard. Its not, dear Sala, as if I had forgotten about you. There, you’re wrong. When we received your regards, we decided to reply promptly. But you know how it goes. I hardly meet with the girls these days. But this isn’t the time for apologies, that we can leave for the end. I read the last postcard you sent home. Your sisters aren’t home. They are together with Fryma and Gucia G. and all went to Neusalz. Your sister Krisiewo is home with her husband and all the children Dear Sala, please don’t cry! Don’t cry! Crying won’t help you. But I understand that it will make you feel relieved. I have a friend there, Salo Glas. He’s the son of the people who live with me. But remember, he’s been there for four weeks. He is still a child and that’s how he behaves, too ... Regards, Sala [Rabinowicz]

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