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Letter #


Frymka Rabinowicz




My turn has come. I'm writing from camp. Rooming with Sala Czarka.

Full Translation

Dear Sala. You will probably be surprised to get mail from me from a camp, my turn, it seems, has come too. It’s just a great pity that we are not together, but luckily Sala Czarka is with me, we even share a room. I don’t have to tell you what it’s like here, you already know. But I’m happy to report that I’m doing quite well. Sala [Rabinowicz] wrote me, saying that my brothers don’t know that I’m here, so I’m asking you not to show them this postcard, just answer me promptly. How are Szymek and Slamek and dear Sala doing? You know, how much pleasure your mail will give me. My brothers are supposed to get time off for the holidays, is that true? I already received some parcels from home. Will you write to us? Regards and kisses from yours, Frymka. Give regards to Nordau and all friends. Ryweia Drehlich give you her regards, D. S. Dear Sala, I can imagine how surprised you will be at receiving this card. Maybe someone from Sosnowitz already told you that we are here. I’m glad that we are together at least. We’re doing quite well. Only, we miss our dear parents, who stayed home, and we worry about them. We have been getting a lot of mail and parcels. Also, many of my girl friends are here. How are you doing? I think you will send us a reply. You know how happy that would make us. Give regards to everyone at home when you write to them. Kisses and regards, Sala. Frymka Rabinowisz

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