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Letter #


Sala Rabinowicz




In this note, Sala's friends echo the letters of other people who ask Sala to write back about her everyday life in the camp. They discuss Sala's request for them to send her a specific picture, and recent portraits that they each had taken. They mention that they wonder what Sala looks like now, and suggest that they look different from when Sala left for the camp.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, We read the postcard you sent the parents. We were very pleased reading it. Why don't you write a special note to us, didn't you get our letter? Was is new with you, what do you do, write everything. We are very curious to know what is new with you. There is nothing new with us, time goes quickly, just as usual. Only we miss you, we would very much like to see you and find out what you look like today. We'd be happy to get you the photo you asked Gucia to get, we went to your parents about it. All of us had pictures taken, but when you will come home and see us, you will have a lot to laugh about, because one looks worse than the other. We all kiss you and send our regards, Sala. Gucia Bela. We also send our regards to your friend Ala. What does she do, write us. D.S. We also send regards to you and all your friends. M. Chana cannot write in German and I write the regards for her, Chana. Warm regards. I wrote you but you haven't received it. Regards from Icek.

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