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Letter #


Sala Rabinowicz




From her friends

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I was very happy receiving Szlamek's postcard. I miss you very much, but, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do for you. We just hope that you will get out and that we shall see each other. Thank God, I have work. I work all day, from 8 until 5 in the afternoon. Afterwards, I do the housework [or: secret work?]. As far as our girl friends are concerned, things are as they always have been. Fela P. went away to be with her sister. Please excuse our Bala, she is a bride as you know, and always busy, particularly when her fiancé is here. Gucia works for a company from 7 in the morning until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Afterwards, she works in a laundry (???). As you can see, we're all busy. Enough for today. Regards and kisses, Sala, who hopes to see you soon. Szlama, I would love to send you a coat, but they're not accepting parcels at the moment. Maybe one of the next days. Frymcia sends her regards, she can't add any lines because she doesn't sleep at home because we have no space. Regards and kisses, Glika I'm going to sleep now.

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