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Roza Grünbaum




Sorry I always give you sad reports. Miss my mother. Got mail from Sosnowiec and Abram.

Full Translation

My dear cousin Sala, I already sent you a postcard earlier this week. I was in a very depressed mood and wrote you a very sad post card and now I’m sorry that I did so. I think, on the contrary, I should give you consolation but, dear Sala, you understand, there are moments in our present lives when things are so bad, particularly if you sit at home all alone and feel sad and I miss my dear, unforgettable mother. Sala, we received a postcard this week from our dear Abram from Tarnowitz. He sends his best regards and said, I should write you so and write, anyway. He doesn’t work yet. He met many girls from Ilkenau who were the first to go to a camp. He said, they told him everything that happened to us and our dear Mother and brother. Dear Sala, if only you were together again, I wouldn’t worry. I wonder, if he’s still as childish as he used to be in the beginning when he left home. This week, Sala, we also received a postcard from your dear parents. Everything is fine with them. They are well and that’s the most important. What are you doing, my dear Sala? I hope you’re well, which I always wish for you. Be well and warm regards. Don’t worry, we will still be happy together. Regards and kisses. My family sends their regards, your cousin, Rozia [Grunbaum]

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