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Letter #


Hokilo Dattner




Here in Sosnowiec there have been so many weddings. You live such a quiet life. I remembered you always cried on Fridays and talked about your dear parents.

Full Translation

Hi. Sala, I received your postcard and enjoyed reading it tremendously, particularly that you are well. You ask me if I went to your home. Believe me, I don’t have a minute for myself. Throughout the week I am in Czeladi and I’m sleeping there, too. You probably know what kind of camp it is. Here in Sosnowitz, there have been many weddings (?)/deportations, there’s always a wedding/deportation (?) somewhere . . . only I don’t yet, but with God’s help this shall come to a pass also. - . . . You live such a quiet life, without knowing the first thing about this place, Skladowa Write me about your troubles and how the little ones, Abramek and Chamek, are doing. You ask me whether I’m thinking of you, Sala! Just this past Friday, I remembered that you always cried on Fridays and talked about your dear parents. And, in the evening, when I’m frying something, I always think of you. You don’t quite understand what I wrote. It’s better that I left you. Probably you think it was because of Charnek - that’s what Chamek believed - but you know better. Sala, this past Friday, I met Gierda in Dulag. She said that she had four days of vacation and she sends her regards to you and everyone she knows. Write me a letter. I’m writing this at work. Regards to you and everybody. Hokilo

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