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Roza Grünbaum




Sala's cousin Roza writes to convey her family's gratitude for Sala's kindness in helping their young son Abram find a new room in the camp.

Full Translation

Our dear Cousin Sala, Today, we received a postcard from our dear child. We all cried with joy because of the good things he said. Dear Sala, how can I express our gratitude for kindness of your heart as Abram described it to us? You cannot imagine our joy. I don't know how to thank you, dear Sala. Father says God may bless you with only good things. Mother says thank you and wants to kiss you and speak with you in person. I and Sala say that the good things our cousin does to Abram, God will will repay to her in the future and she will be as happy as she hopes to be. ... We ask ourselves why Abram is in another room and I think this is also due to you, dear Sala. We are very concerned, dear Sala, that you never write us. You can't imagine how much we love you for your good heart. Hopefully, we'll soon be happy together. Please tell my brother that we already sent him the parcels. Give him regards and kisses from me. My parents send their regards and kisses, also I . Sala, my cousin, tell me what you would like to have. Dear Sala, I would like to take this opportunity to write a few words to you. I always read my cousin's postcards and he always writes well about you, so I am grateful to you because I like your cousin Abram very much. I take the liberty of writing to you because you are Rosa's cousin and Rosa is my cousin [also] and belongs to the family. Write to me... he is my bridegroom. Warm regards to you and my cousin Abram. Sara.

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