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Roza Grünbaum




Roza writes Sala about H. Kaufman, and seems to suspect that Sala is interested in having some type of intimate relationship with him. She also includes a short note to her brother Abram.

Full Translation

Dear cousin Sala, I haven't written to you in such a long time, but I believe that you always enjoy reading my cards. Yesterday, we received a postcard from your sisters. Everything is fine with them. I'm very happy that Blima works in the shop. I'm happy to report, dear Sala, that I also work in a tailor's shop, the one that just opened here. I would even be happier if our Sala had work also, but I hope she will. Please do write. What is new with you? What are you doing? Are you well? I want to know everything. Dear Sala, I want to thank you very much for everything you have been doing for our dear child. I heard that you gave him a sweater and a scarf. May God repay you and give that you will be able to come home, dear Sala. Here they say that in the winter everyone will come on vacation. What do they say over there, have they heard about this? Give God, that this may be true. I'm running out of patience to wait any longer. How is my dear brother? I would so much like to see him. Don't worry, my dear. I'm sending you my regards and kisses and I hope that you and dear Abram and all of us will be having a good time together soon. Many regards to my brother and my parents send regards to you.

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