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Roza Grünbaum




Roza asks Irsael and Sala to both write about themselves and others. She mentions that Laibek is a member of a Polish colony in Falkenau formed by members of the (Jewish) Community

Full Translation

My dear and beloved child, Monday, 8/25, I sent a parcel to you, but I don't want to write you what's in it now, because I want you, dear child, to write us yourself [what it contains]. While I am writing this postcard today, we still haven't received any mail from you at all. It is better not to wait too impatiently for the day when we will hear all about what you are doing, my dear child. Please write much about yourself and how you get along with Chai's brother-in-law. Are you working together? Why did he get married (??) Please write what Sala is doing; she has too much work but she writes much about you. In Falkenau, a Polish colony was formed from members of the community and Laibek is a member. He leaves at 7 in the morning and returns home at 6 at night. Dear Abram, it has almost been 11 months [since you left] maybe you will come home soon and then we will all speak with you. Here, everything is as usual, we miss you very much. Better not talk about home, we send you our warmest regards and kisses, be well and have hope. Mother and Father send their regards and kisses, stay well. Sala Dear cousin Sala, Please send the picture by mail. I just happen to visit your dear parents. Be well and don't worry, everything will be okay. Regards from me and my brother Tawja... we received the postcard for him.

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