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Letter #


Bela Kohn




Bella sends regards from her family and the hope that Sala will visit for the holidays. She describes their life in the shop as extremely busy, and hopes that the disruptions of the day will pass quickly.

Full Translation

Dear friend, We received your card, we were happy to hear that you feel well and have work. There is nothing new happening here, everything goes slowly because we are all dazed. We get together a little on Saturdays and Sundays and we pass the time as we used to, when you were here, may it just pass [quickly]. How much we would like to see you. You wrote your parents that you will come over for the holidays, is that true? Why didn't you let us know, you can't imagine how happy we all are. Sala, please always write us about everything, whenever you can. We are very curious to know everything about you. You are right not to write us when we don't write, but don't look at us and write. You know us, we are very lazy, particularly when it comes to writing. I send you my regards and the entire family as well, Gucia, Sala, Hana, Fela, Mila, Lela, Adela. I write from the store, therefore they can't add a line. Bela. Special greetings from all of us to Ala. D.Z. Dear Sala, We received your card. You can't imagine how overjoyed we were. Dear Sala, I apologize for not writing for so long. We have been working in the store all this time and we have more work than when you were here and we had various problems. I hope that you are not angry at me. We are very happy that you like your work. Regards to you and your friend Ala. Hela. Again, special greetings to Ala. I would like to know her. I write this from the store and the girls ask me [to tell you] to write. D.S. Kijska.

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