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Letter #


Fela Pandesovna




Fela Pandesovna offers a glimpse into the stresses and compassion that were results by separated families and friends. She asks Sala for information on a mentally ill acquaintance who is in the same camp, and appeals to her to send bi-weekly updates on her friend.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Hopefully, you will excuse that we haven't written until now. I and everybody else always think of you but, unfortunately, we're all out of minds and have no patience to write. Now, dear Sala, I ask you very much to inquire about Mordtka Weisberg of Sosnowitz, Sudetenstrasse 18, now Pokoj No. 40 at your place. He doesn't write at all. He is and has always has been a mentally ill person (sick in the head) [on jest kuku na ...?] And he can't write. Is it possible, maybe, that you could write a card on his behalf every 14 days? You can write to my address. His mother, brothers and sisters would be forever grateful to you. Mendlowicz who works in your kitchen is his cousin, but he doesn't care. I ask you, once again, to contact him as soon as you receive this card and write me exactly how he is doing. [Ask him] if he needs shoes to be sent and is his linen still in one piece? Now, my dear, what is new with you? How does your work go? There is no news from us. On Saturdays we all meet at Chaim's(?) and always talk about you. Be well and goodbye. And write me a card. Help Weisberg as much as you can. Everyone sends their regards. Fela.

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