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Letter #


Pesa Metzner




Writing to tell their girlfriends of their arrival at a camp, Pesa, Käthe and Pola comment that Sala, Rosa, and Ala are no where to found. They must have left Geppersdorf. Where these people in Geppersdorf in this instance?

Full Translation

Dear, faithful girlfriends, I want to let you know that we arrived safely. We drove for about two hours and then arrived in a village by the name of Auenrode. Before we arrived in a camp all girl friends disappeared, no Sala, no Rosa and no Ala, either. Where have they all gone to? We feel like in a dream. Where did they go to, is it really true that we are so far from you that I cannot see you! You cannot imagine how many tears we shed, you have no idea how heavy-hearted we are. Now I can write you what our camp looks like: Just like yours, only the environment and the grounds are wonderful. We think of you all also of Edzia and Hesa. Of Mrs. Koypan I have nothing good to say, all because of her there is aggravation. We usually don't get separated here and she will be sorry about this more than once. One of Käthe's stockings was left behind. Please keep it or send it to me one of these days. With regards to everybody and kisses from yours, faithful friends, Pesa and Käthe, regards from Pola

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