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Chaim Kaufman's sister in law. I'm writing you in a state of great depression. No husband, no store, and no hope in life.

Full Translation

Dear Brother-in-Law, I’m writing to you in a state of great depression. Josef went away last Friday and we have no means to live on. And I have a small child. My dear Mother is very sick, may she survive all of this. I can’t tell you how bad we feel, how great the pain is. I am sick in bed and my dear Father is very weak. I tell you, dear Mother will not survive this. Dear brother-in-law, while I’m writing this I’m sick in bed. I’m not going to survive this. My eyes are swollen from crying. I would like to receive a letter. Dear brother-in-law, we’re forced to go the ... for food. No husband, no store and no hope in life. We send you regards -

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