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Letter #


Sala Grünbaum




After hearing that her brother and others had been transferred home, Sala Grünbaum found out that the rumor was false from the Jewish community. Evidentially dismayed and deflated, she writes, "I cried a lot, and left the place because I could no longer bear people’s crying."

Full Translation

Dear and esteemed Abram, I went to Sosnowitz for a week and added some lines to a letter to Sala. Dear Abram, you know, I wished I had stayed home because somebody came to me and said that some of you had come home to Olkusch and that you were in a camp in Sosnowitz. Just imagine how happy our dear mother, father and brother and sister were. They didn't know what to do. And, immediately, I ran to the community to ask whether it was true, but, unfortunately, I found it wasn't. All the same, I ran to the camp right away to find you and didn't. I met many, many people who, they say, were taken here to work. I didn't go home the same day because I thought, maybe, there is something to it that my brother is here, but it was all in vain... and I saw nobody. I cried a lot and I left the place because I could no longer bear people's crying. They were people who had fathers and brothers there, many of them had been caught and been taken there (?) And I went home and, as you can imagine, they all had waited all night, to wait for your arrival. Well, I upset them all with my news ... and nobody wanted to believe that you were not there. May God give that you come home well today. Everything is alright with us. Father has work, mother is well. Laibek jumps around, I and Rosa are as usual. Dear child, write if you received everything and whether you are well and working. How is Sala? Write, dear child, we want to know as much about you as possible, since we can't see you. Stay healthy, we all send regards and kisses. Regards to Sala.

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