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Letter #


Roza Grünbaum




In a reversal from earlier letters, Roza writes to Sala, 'You are so good to Abram," and gushes with gratitude that Sala has been looking out for her brother. She mentions a common acquaintance between them, and that Leo is coming home on vacation.

Full Translation

Dear cherished Sala, I have no words to describe our joy when we receive mail from our dear child and you have added some lines. We are particularly happy about what our dear child writes about you, dear cousin. How can I say this? But we all cried with joy [to hear] that you, dear Sala, are so good to our Abram. Mother and father and we all have been wondering how we can show our gratitude for your kindness to Abram. Esteemed Sala, the time will come when you will be happy. God will repay you, dear Sala, with great happiness, that’s what we all wish for. It is hard to describe in words how happy and grateful we are for being so good to our dear child. Mother says I should send a photo and express our gratitude this way, so you’ll get one, dear Sala. Sala, do you know W. Blumenfeld? He sends his regards. I have been talking with him a lot. He’s been telling me a lot about my cousin Sala. I want you to know that now, at long last, my Laybeio will come on vacation for at least 8 days. That’s what [Mrs.] Moizner wrote with whom you used to be together. I would like to hear more about you, dear Sala, but I know that you cannot send more than one postcard. Don’t worry, Sala, we all will be happy together. What is new with H.K.? Blumenfeld has been talking a lot. I have to end now. Many regards and kisses from Mother, Father. Sala, Leibek, Rozia [Grinbaum]

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