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Roza Grünbaum




Roza sends regards from people visiting on vacation, and notes that Sala must be looking forward to her own vacation. She also attempts to comfort Sala who no longer speaks with H.K. and only with L. Roza springs between expressing depression and optimism with her situation. For example, she writes, "I'm so worried, but what can I do, everything is lost" followed in the next line with "Everything will be well," and "God recompenses good deeds ... just be patient. Bad things don't last forever. Things will be fine."

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I want you to know that on the second day of the holidays, I received a postcard from Sala's sister, Blima, for which I thank her. I wrote to Sosnowitz right away, because they wrote us that you wouldn't come for the holidays. Don't worry, dear cousin, it will not always be bad. We will all be happy together again one day. I was asked to send you regards from those who came here on vacation. I heard, you don't speak with HK., only with L. Believe me, I feel so sorry for you, Sala, but this all will pass. Don't you think it's better now that you can look forward to coming here now, otherwise,[if you had come this time] you would be back in the camp again by now. You don't have to worry about home. Mother has recovered and everything is in order. I am so happy that the holidays are over. You can't imagine how terrible it is to always live with worries and fear. Right now I would love to be with Lojbes, I'm so worried, but what can I do, everything is lost. I hope that everything will be alright and you, dear Sala, should not worry, either. Everything will be well. We are also so worried about our dear child Abram and mother cries... But she doesn't have to worry because Abram has a cousin who is good to him. I thank you very much, dear cousin. God recompenses good deeds and he will pay you, too, just be patient. Bad things don't last forever. Things will be fine. I send you warm regards and kisses. I send regards to my dear brother Abram, hoping that I will be with him [soon]. My parents send their warmest regards and thank you for your kind heart. Regards and kisses from our dear child Abu. Cousin Sala sends warm regards. W. Blumenthal sends regards. Stay well. Don't worry. Rosa

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