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Letter #


Roza Grünbaum




I'm remembering that you are on your own, at least I am with my sister.

Full Translation

Dear cousin Sala. I have already written you many times, but haven’t received a reply. I received your precious post card which you wrote to me a long time ago and there are no words that could describe my joy. I already received regards through Blimka from Miss Sala Grünbaum and that you, dear cousin, asked about us. I would love to receive some lines from you and be with you and talk. With us everything is as always. We’re always longing for you, dear, we miss you. I have no news from my brother other than regards through the community. How are you, dear Sala? My heart is aching whenever I’m remembering that you, dear, are on your own, at least I have G... But, Sala, don’t worry, dear, things will still be well. You will still be happily together with everybody. I beg you, to write me please. I’m curious about the good things in your life. Sala, are you still writing anyone and to whom? I’m ending now, hoping that this postcard will not get lost like many of the others I wrote before. I send you warm regards and kisses. Sala also sends regards and kisses. Please write, don’t forget that I’m always your loyal friend, Rozia

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