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Roza Grünbaum




How happy are those who still have someone to receive a postcard from.

Full Translation

Dear cousin Sala, I was pleased to hear how you are doing. I already didn’t know what to make of you, dear. How are you doing these days? Are you well and how’s your work? With whom of your friends are you together? I haven’t heard from my dear brother in a long time and you can imagine how this hurts. Leon doesn’t write either. Sala, don’t be surprised, but while I’m writing this postcard, I realize that I’ve almost forgotten how to write. Dear Sala, please write me what’s doing with you. So far, we have had work and we’re not doing all that badly but the worries and pain resulting from all this lack of love/resulting from missing our loved ones is unbearable. I’m anxiously waiting for your precious postcard. How happy are those who still have someone to get a postcard from. Stay well. I send you my regards and kisses. Rozia. Sala sends her regards and kisses. I’m waiting for your precious postcard, your loyal Rozia

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