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A. Choncinski




We Geppersdorfers are happy that Zylberstein is to be judenaltester.

Full Translation

My dear friend Kaufman, We are in Brande. Tomorrow, at 10 o'clock, we will go away and everyone sends regards. As we heard, we'll not go to Farnowskie Mountains but to Cynkownia, an open camp. We're very happy, we Geppersdorfers, seeing that we're playing the main role, want we want, will be done. Only about you, dear friend, we're anxious, because you left us. Zylberstein was nominated as the Eldest of the Jews. You can imagine how happy we Geppersdorfers were. Don't worry, be brave... Isak Sandner isn't with us. We all sent our laundry home (?). Tell Matlin of Gan Hidem that they ... him.We are happy that we finally ...give regards to Mele.. tell him, we're very happy and also Rechni.. because he didn't go with us. Please give special greetings to Mrs. Hornina from the brothers Choneinski... All of us Geppersdorfers are very happy about Zylberstein and all of us wish him the very best. Regards also to Stefin and Anin, I'm together with Zylberstein ... Dear friend Kaufman, we send you our best regards, only we aren't happy that you're not with us and behaved foolishly. Regards also to Kalmin from A. Choneinski. Dear friend Kaufman, I send you my best regards, also to Kalmin and Chenin. I'm very happy and we all feel now that everything will be alright. Regards to everybody and be well, all of you, from me, M.D. Please give regards to Chaiken from me, L. Kozuch. A few words to Wowek Zaporgen: Dear Wowek, I wanted to take care of that matter, but unfortunately ...

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