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Letter #


Resi Kalmanowicz




Punctually, she receives regards through the community every month. Planning to deliver SG's regards to Harry, possibly in person. Dear Harry is trying to get to Sala.

Full Translation

Dear Miss Sala, I received your nice postcard. Don’t be surprised at my not writing back to you. I just had nothing special to impart to you. Our dear ones are well, thank God. Punctually every month, I receive regards through the community. 1 hope, I’ll be able to convey your regards to dear Mr. Harry in person, since I’m planning to go there myself. I just hope it will work out. Please write me as soon as possible if you have something special to say to him. I know that dear Harry is trying very hard to get you to him and one never knows, nothing is impossible. Maybe, you’ll get there. May God give that our wishes will soon come true. Please excuse my handwriting, my hands are presently shaking like an old woman’s from fatigue and excitement. I’m also in a hurry, because the day after tomorrow, we’ll move to the Duhag and we’re supposed to live there. Write to the old address. Best regards from Resi [Kalmanowicz]

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