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Letter #


Hokilo Dattner




What's new in Geppersdorf? Who prepares your dinner?

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I want to let you know that we are still in Dulag[?]. We don’t know yet what will be. They say that we will go to Par…[?]. Dear Sala, you can imagine how I feel now that I’m home and I can’t speak with you dear parents. They’re standing on the street all the time and can’t come to me. Now, dear Sala, your dear sister came to see me and I gave her the parcel. I also gave her best regards from you. Hersch Lewien’s wife came to see me also and promised her to come to her, once I get out. Write us what’s new in the camp. Has everyone left yet? Write me everything exactly and how you’re doing without me. Regards and kisses. Special greeting to all women and all comrades I know. Once I’m out, I’ll write to you right away. Regards from Kalb and Kalt. Sala, who prepares your dinner? I’ll come back to you. Regards to your Abramek. Hokilo and Smulet. [Kokilo Dattner]

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