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Chana writes on behalf of Sala's friends in the wake of Sala's visit home. She asks "Are you still under the spell of your experiences [at home] or have you come back to reality." The question, like the rest of the letter and other leters connotes the gaping divide that Sala's friends and family perceive separates them their dear Sala.

Full Translation

My dearest Sala, It almost feels as if you were sitting beside me still. My dear, everything passes. One always hopes for the best. What is new with you? How did your first day after the vacation go? Are you still under the spell of your experiences or have you come back to reality? How are you? .Frymka's brother wrote that he was doing okay, but I don't think that's quite so. It's the time before the holidays. It isn't important how we spend them as long as our wishes come true; I and all of us wish you all the best and everything your heart desires. How happy I would be, if only I could say this to you personally, but things are okay the way they are. Many regards from me and all of us, especially from my parents. Chana

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