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Letter #


Bronia Weisberg




Thanks for delivering parcel to mentally ill brother. Please do laundry for him.

Full Translation

Dear friend Sala, I am taking the liberty of writing you only today. To begin with, thank you very much for giving the parcel to my brother. Sala, be kind enough to remember what we spoke about and please look after my brother as much as you can. I think, you will remember from Sosnowitz that he is mentally ill, he isn't like other people. At home, he always had my mother and me to take care of him, but there he has nobody and he can't write either. But Amus [ a friend?] always writes his mail for him, which is a real consolation to us. Dear Sala, please be so kind as to do the laundry for him as we discussed. What is new with you? Are you well? Maybe you could send me a postcard? I would like to know how you are and will write back. I send you warm regards and hope to have good news from you. Yours, Bronia [Weisberg]. Many regards to my brother and tell him to write whether he received the parcel by mail. Anusia Weisberg and all of us send regards also. Bronia

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