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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Ruziel describes that she and Sala's friends are dismayed at Sala's cryptic and vague discrptions of her surroundings. Toward the end of the note, Ruzia address Ala and thanks her for taking care of Sala.

Full Translation

Dear Sister, No words can express how overjoyed we were to receive your card and to read it to your friends. We all cried like little children not even knowing why. Dear sister, we are very dismayed that you don’t describe [your situation] to us as clearly as you do to your friends. But never mind, we are happy that you are not doing badly and God be thanked for that. But dear sister, we must tell you that we don’t understand a word of what you have been writing. You must write every word more clearly. All of us read [the card] and none of us quite understood it. You understand what we mean, don’t you? Now Sala, we sent you a parcel a long time ago and we are surprised that you haven’t received it. It contained some sugar, lemon, pasta. Now, something else: you write about your new supervisor, an acquaintance of yours, a certain Ala Gartner. You can imagine how happy we were to hear that you have such a good friend. We all would like to know where her parents live so we can ask them [for news] when you don’t write and to thank them. With us everything is as usual. We are all well. Everybody sends regards and kisses. Dear sister, will you allow Ala please to read the following on behalf of our parents and of all of us? Dear unknown Miss Ala, you are probably surprised why some total strangers should write to you. We are very obliged to you and grateful for your thorough care and protection of our sister and daughter and we tell you that you are an additional member of our family. We send you the kindest regards and thank you. Be well and happy together. Ruzia

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