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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Ecstatic because she got letter from Sala in Schatzlar. We're ok, have light work. Don't despiar. LD sent quilt. Remember you're worth more than we are.

Full Translation

Dearest sister, Is this true? We received mail from you? Oh, Sala, Sala! We hardly know what to do with ourselves for joy and, at the same time, we long for you so much. Now we found each other again. At long last! At long last! Oh, my heart is breaking! Sala! I don't know what to write first, I'm like berserk. A well of tears opened up in our eyes. You went through so much and now you're in a women's camp. But we, too, went through a lot, a lot. We are very sad that we are not together. By the look of it, that's our destiny. Keep your head up, Sala, don't despair. Maybe, we will still get together in this life and then we'll have much, very much to tell each other. Oh, that's all we want, to sit together at a table with our precious, precious, most precious parents. Oh dear, when, when? And with our sister, brother and the rest of the family. How are you doing, Sala? What kind of work are you doing? We have light work. Hopefully, you have such work. Don't worry about our health, however, we are always anxious about you, are you well? Do you have something warm to wear? We received a quilt, but no letter. The sender was Laja Dina. We don't understand, why we didn't receive a letter from her. Are you getting mail from home? We don't, unfortunately. You are our only faithful soul. Write, whenever you can. Where is Chamek? Are you still getting mail from Ala and from Chamek? Who of our mutual friends are together? Remember you're worth more than we are. Now, thousands of kisses from your sisters, longing for you. Rozia and Blima. On this occasion, I'm writing you a few lines. I'm in a room with Miss Sala's sisters. I received your mail, which I appreciate very much. My heart is crying because we're not together. Together with Miss Sala's sisters, we cried about this very much, but, my dear child, you mustn't loose hope and do your work. Remember your sisters and Mania (?) and be careful with these machines, be careful with your work...

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