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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




She writes to Chaim Kaufman directly. Our father is sick, don't tell Sala. Every bit of news from the camp revives us.

Full Translation

To: Chaim Kaufman Dear Mr. Kaufman, I received your card and enjoyed reading it. Are you still in Geppersdorf? Do you have many new arrivals? Regarding your question of how we are doing, thank God, we’re well and survived the first days of the holidays. How have you spent the holidays, pleasantly, I hope? Merrily? And how are you doing? Every bit of news from the camp revives us. We are happy that you stayed there. Otherwise, nothing special. My father is sick, unfortunately. I don’t want to write about him much. I just would like to see to it that he’ll be feeling better. May God not forsake us in our misery. Please don’t show this card to our Sala, she couldn’t help, anyway. May God have mercy on us. Hopefully I’ll have something more pleasant to write about the next time, I would like it much better. Now I’m ending with best regards from my dear parents, sisters and brother. Maybe my brother will come to be with you. Rozia. Regards from Blima

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