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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel describes her family's puzzlement at Sala's intermittent communication. She follows up on various items that were sent to Sala, including an apparently lost shipment of Matzo from the Jewish community.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, So you are silent? And here we are, having to endure your silence. How can anyone wait so long? By now, we really don't know what to make of this. Every day, we're waiting by the post office, but without success. The card to Blima is a different matter, but why don't you write us? Are you "brojgyz ... (angry?) at us? You don't write whether you received the parcel. Concerning the mazzos, that was my fault. The community kept saying that they were going to take care of them and I have no way of knowing whether they sent them. One said yes, the other said no, and nobody knows for sure. You received the coat. Again, I want you to know how much I'd love to see you. It is entirely up to you whether you want [to come] for our sake. Our dear mother went to see Mr. Kronenberg to "pojl"(?) something and he sends best wishes and hopes to hear good news. He also said that you were wondering about Bajgelmacher. Which one? Josel Awrum Bajgelmacher's wife asked you to see him to "tojiry tysa" (?) a parcel. It's said she wants you to take it out [of the parcel] if you can, and she is worried about that endlessly. Now Sala, there is nothing in particular to impart about us. All of us at home are well. Only L.D.'s Moniek is unfortunately sick with pneumonia. God may help him recover soon. Your sister Rozia.

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